Peak Oil News: Anti Viral reagent and vaccine/cancer drug reagents outsourcing.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Anti Viral reagent and vaccine/cancer drug reagents outsourcing.

Dear michaelkuhn.peakoilpost
I'm Halina Werner Middleton, Research Assistant working with Weatherford Laboratories UK, One of the leading Bio Pharmaceutical Companies here in England.
I'm looking for a reliable businessman/individual in your region to represent this company in sourcing some of our basic raw material used in the manufacturing of high quality Anti-Viral Vaccines, Cancer treatment and other life saving Pharmaceutical Products including the Madagascar COV treatment recipe.

This may not be your area of specialization but it will be another income generating business out of your specialty. This is because Our company is yet to locate any seller to buy from.
However, I have been able to discover an international dealer who can supply us this product. He is selling at a cheap rate, which is far more cheaper than our previous purchases.
I will give you more specific profit details when I receive a feedback from you if you are interested.

Halina Werner Middleton
Deputy Head of Marketing,
Research & Dev. Dept.
Weatherford Laboratories Limited (UK)
Bedford Road, Peters-field,
GU32 DD, United Kingdom.


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