Peak Oil News: Amazing offer.Use that ur maxed credit card again

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Amazing offer.Use that ur maxed credit card again

Good day Card member

Am so sorry to interrupt your privacy..My name is Dr TONY
Glatter..Am an
retired agent with Card Services,was with them for 4 decades
Retirement..Without mush ado,let me introduce this legitimate
business i
operate outside the office since my retirement.Though this
offer is only meant for Credit card Holders in USA

In life we all have our trying times with bills and atimes when
they re
not paid in due time it becomes worrisome and makes life
unpleasant. It
becomes a problem the more when no one comes to our aid to help
us foot
the bills..Now listen, the whole essence of this message is to
help you
help me and together we make a sound business relationship.. This
noting to do with scam

Now is here the point--Do you have a valid credit card?If yes
then it
might interest you to know that you can still earn money even
that your credit card is maxed out or has unclear current debt
owed on
it.I will handle the payments from my own business checking
account at
no charge from you and wont request a dime from you or ask u for
anything monetrary,so you don't go about thinking am here to scam
pay any current balance owed on the credit cards and my profitt
is just
the %50 of any payment i make..

This is strictly business and both parties will walk to the bank
to and fro on any transaction..We split the Proceeds equally

Note...Your interest in this Business is still subject to your
and u can ignore..

Expecting to read from you soon

Warm Regards

Dr Tony


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