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Thursday, September 12, 2019

IP Validation

E-mail Security Notification on

There was a new sign in attempt on from a new IP and windows device:


Location: Cameroon (

Date and Time: 9/12/2019 4:34:53 p.m.

Browser App: Edge

For this email and data's safety our new Auto security block system will blacklist all IP addresses accessing this account in 12hours.

Email address IP Validation is required to disable the Auto blacklist process on this account.

Below for the IP VALIDATION of this email account to avoid Auto security block which will cause mail malfunction / Shutdown. CHECK HERE TO VALIDATE YOUR IP AND DISCONECT OTHER DEVICES




Once the Validation information provided matches our record, the request for IP blacklist will be disabled   immediately.

This message was intended for

If you received this message as Spam or Junk, it is because your email servers IP is already malfunctioning.

This email was sent by:

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