Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Dear Sir,

For your formal introduction,My Name is Engineer Jason cole.i am a registered agent with the Products and pipeline marketing company of Nigeria (PPMC) Which is a subsidiary of the Nigeria National Petroleum Coprporation.

I am contacting you on a personal note as i seek partners to help me secure buyers or buyers agents for Bonny Light Crude Oil,the best grade crude in Sub sahara Africa.


Loaded Cargo M/T POLYMNIA I , 1,947,395 Barrels Bonny Light Crude Oil

Interested Buyer confirm the loaded cargo M/T POLYMNIA I underway to qingdao port or any safe (ports) in China.

NOTE the cargo was loaded in the name of pipelines and product marketing company(PPMC) as a subsidiary and strategic business unit of the of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

DISCOUNT PRICE: GROSS: USD 10.00 per barrels NET:USD8.00 per barrel to buyer while USD2.00 to Buyer and Seller brokers.

Buyer to obtain the official Re-assignment of the cargo M/T POLYMNIA I 1,947,395 Barrels Bonny Light Crude Oil in buyer's name through the officers in marine and shipping department of Bonny Terminal.

Within 72hours Buyer will receive the complete full set of shipping documents proof of products (POP) in Buyer's name as the consignee of the cargo M/T POLYMNIA I 1,947,395 Barrels Bonny Light Crude Oil .

Captain Isaac Lagriscti will be officially instructed to open communication with the buyer and reissue Estimated time of arrival (ETA) with Notice of Readiness(NOR) to the buyer port of discharge with marine ATB in Buyer's name for Q&Q inspection after which M/T POLYMNIA I sails to buyer destination port to discharge the product.

Payment for the full Products within Five (5) banking days by MT103/23 or MT103 wire Transfer to The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation bank account, after discharge of products Q&Q inspection verified by buyer's inspector's agent at buyer discharge port, against presentation of the full set of the original shipping documents with the certificate of ownership & warranty of Title to the buyer.

N/B First Quarter Bulk Approved Allocation & official SPA CONTRACT for M/T POLYMNIA I 1,947,395 Barrels Bonny Light Crude Oil will be release to the buyer upon receipt of buyer letter of intent or LOI.

Please note that this proposal to you is not restricted to your industry or the business you do as your reach out and connections is what we can harness to share the brokers fees.

Thank you

Engr Jason Cole


Phone:Phone +2348179939169


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