Peak Oil News: RE:  High quality socks supply

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

RE:  High quality socks supply

Dear sir/madam:

Have a good day!

This is Maria from professional manufacturer of all kinds of socks with more than 19 years experiences, and export to many countries. we cooperate with many well-known brands, i.e.: Septwolves, SOFU, Goldion, Playboy, FIDO Socks, Langsha, OUTIAI, CAFEDOG, Yongchun, Lang Zi, LACASTE, POLO, etc.

We can produce five toes socks with fine pitch and classic socks without toes. Also we welcome the OEM and ODM order. we accept mix the socks together. Welcome to send an enquiry to us.

Give me your E-mail and I will send you pictures of our socks of various styles. You can choose the style you want,

Or add my QQ-198606742, Wechan-A13782568669,, you can provide me with your pictures, photos and design drawings. And sent them to me.

What's your Skype address? Where is it convenient for us to speak?

Looking forward to cooperating with you. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank You!

Kind Regards


Address: Hualan Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province,China

Wechat:  A13782568669

Call:    86-13782568669


QQ:      1986067942


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