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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Movement and Cognotion - Invitation

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Dear colleagues, 

Following our Movement and Cognition conferences at Oxford University and at Harvard Medical School, we have the honor to invite you to the 2019 world conference on Movement and Cognition at Tel-Aviv University.

The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge on the relation of human movement to cognitive function. Among the focus areas of the conference include application to rehabilitation and therapeutics, sport, motor learning, brain-behavior relationships, gait and cognition, and dance. We are also focusing this time on female cognitive movement interaction, the aging brain and gerontology, treatment of traumatic brain injury, neonatal, infant and child development and ergonomics all in the context of movement and cognition.

The conference will be held on the campus of the University in the vibrant and fascinating city of Tel-Aviv between 22-24 July 2019. Besides the academic, scientific and clinical presentations, tours will also be available. 

We welcome your participation in this conference. Should you, in addition, desire to present your research, unique technique or clinical experiences, kindly send us your abstract.  This can be done by sending to the attention of the secretary of the scientific committee at: The abstracts of the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings as well as selected papers published in volume 9 of the journal Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation, and Ergonomics.

The format for abstracts is available on the website:

The conference is a collaborative venture of the following institutions: the Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals, McLean, and Beth Israel-Deaconess, Tel-Aviv University, the Computational Neurosciences Laboratory at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford, the Synthetic Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Bielefeld University in Germany, the School of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, La Sorbonne (University of Paris) France the Jerusalem Academy of Dance,  the Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Haifa, the Wingate Institute for Sports and Exercise Science, the National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences, Nazareth, Israel, the Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Havana and the University of the Medical Sciences Facultad ‘Manuel Fajardo’ Havana and the School of Public Health


Please check out the conference website at:

We hope to meet you in July 2019 in Tel-Aviv and welcome you personally to the HolyLand.

Wish very best wishes,


Gerry Leisman                                                         

Chair, Scientific Committee


Professor, Neuro- and Rehabilitation Sciences

University of Haifa Faculty of Social Welfare

and Health Sciences.

   Director, The National

Institute of Brain & Rehabilitation Sciences,

Nazareth, Israel. 

Professor Neurologíca Restaurativa 

   Universidad de Ciencias Médicas

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