Peak Oil News: Ref:Unique Partnership Investment

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ref:Unique Partnership Investment

Attention CEO,

I am aware that this letter has come to you as a surprise as we have not met before or handled any business deals in the past. Nevertheless, I have contacted you with genuine intentions and I hope I can trust you with this investment opportunity which will be explained below.
My name is Moataz Hegab, l am the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with Kuwait Finance and Investment Company (KFIC). I represent the wife of a former President of Zimbabwe and her two sons who have been subjected to high level political witch hunt since her husband was forced out of office last year.

In light of the impending uncertainty she has confidentially empowered me to seek a trust worthy partner in your country for investment. My client has a huge amount of money and diamond reserves in foreign banks, part of which she intends to invest in your country, due to her indefinite political travails. These are preliminary actions preceding her eventual departure from Zimbabwe.

Key areas of interest are Agribusiness and Real Estate, but I will need detailed information about your experience and nature of business operation. This crucial information will assist me in advising my client about the details of the security of the investment and anticipated returns.

The modalities for subsequent funding will be discussed in-depth in our future communications, during which time I hope to meet with you in person, should we decide to embark on this venture.

Given the sensitivity of this deal, it is paramount that we maintain absolute confidentiality about any aspect of our conversation. On my part, I guarantee that this will be a risk free and highly beneficial financial joint venture.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Moataz Hegab
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Kuwait Finance and Investment Company
Phone: +96597493509
Fax: +97225916441


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