Peak Oil News: Canada's Oil Sands Emit More CO2 Than 145 Nations

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Canada's Oil Sands Emit More CO2 Than 145 Nations

By Dan Shapley

A single industrial project is so massively polluting that its greenhouse gas emissions are larger than 145 nations, according to the Toronto Star. Maybe more impressive, there are only 62 nations emit more carbon dioxide.

It is the Alberta Oil Sands, and its fate has everything to do with global warming and peak oil.

Experts that discount the peak oil theory – that the world is close to pumping as much cheap, high-quality crude oil as it ever will – say that new technology will allow us to exploit heretofore inaccessible oil deposits, like oil sands, oil shale and deep water deposits.

To appropriate a campaign phrase: Yes, we can.

But do we really want to? The choice is to continue pumping oil from whatever source we can, the climate be damned, or switch to alternative fuels now, before we run out or run up a climate debt the future will be paying off for generations to come.


At 8:52 AM, February 24, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the bottomline, it's not about to much oil or not's realy about quality of life and food and water. Desperate people will do desperate things...mark my words and commit this to memory, you only need to look at history at any time. That said, as we move along in the communication age, more of the world's population will demand better quality of life. Nothing correlates to quality of life closer than energy output...period. We have to find more energy, lots more, faster, that does not cause global warming as this jeopordizes world wide food production. There is a solution, thank GOD, electric cars powered by solar (when available)generated at each persons place of residence. 60% of all oil use in US is for autos...think about it. Check out Why does the US government not mandate that all gov vehicles purchased by electic hybrids (except security/military)? Think about it. $5B/m in Iraq, just 1 month invested in electric cars and we are rolling, how about saving our auto industry, how about each american saving $4K/yr on gas costs, think that would help the economy, how about our security, how about exporting the technology to china and india to save our planet...think about it...start talking about electric cars powered by solar, lets save the oil for planes, trains, and semis...and lets save ourselves.

Warner King


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