Sunday, April 24, 2005


“Our present course is leading to an unprecedented environmental crisis which, if left unaltered, will result in an economic and social collapse. This collapse will be caused by a combination of biosphere constraints, and will probably be triggered by peaking world oil production. This peak will probably occur within the next 10 years or less. Our present way of life will change irrevocably within the next 20 years. At present, we still have choices. The choices we make now will determine whether these changes are positive or catastrophic.” he said.

This is the first seminar in the UK to examine the science and technology of energy and ecology for the non-scientist. “I wish everyone who attends this seminar to come out with a working knowledge of energy and ecology; enough to separate fact from fiction.” explains Naresh. “Many of the experts, politicians, and even environmental spokes persons clearly have a faulty idea of the problems facing us and hence the likely solutions.” he said. “It is essential that everyone who is working for a better world is fully informed. There are many proposals for new renewable energy sources, and some are clearly unworkable, we need to know which are and which aren’t.” he continued.

Among Naresh’s startling claims are:

1. Despite nuclear energy’s clearly demonstrated unsustainability the next government (of whatever makeup) will, following the election, back a new generation of nuclear power stations.

2. We are facing an unprecedented rise in the price of oil due to world oil production reaching its peak that will create chaos in our economies world wide. The UK economy is completely unprepared for this shock. There is no plan ‘B’.

3. At present we have no alternative but to continue to go to war for the remaining oil and other resources.

4. World food supplies, which have been declining over the last five years, will reach point where famine relief will no longer be an option. Many more parts of the world will no longer be able to feed themselves.

5. Renewable energy, organic gardening, and energy conservation will no longer be alternatives but will seen as essential across the political spectrum.

This weekend promises to be an insightful, controversial, and but hopeful look at future trends and challenges we are facing, and some of the likely and potential outcomes. It takes place at one of the few eco-villages in the UK, Braziers Park,, a beautiful 50 acres estate near Oxford, and costs £160 fully residential.

“This seminar will take a critical look at our future and how to cope with the extraordinary changes to our lives when we no longer have cheap oil. A wealth of information will be presented. Each participant will be sent a CD-ROM packed with articles and analyses that form the basis of this seminar. I am not an expert, I have gathered experts from around the world. The ideas and opinions of experts in many different fields will be presented so everyone can make up their own minds. “ explained Naresh.

When Naresh was asked why he thought so few people had heard of ‘peak oil’, such a world changing event he said, “We are constantly entertained by the media, which doesn’t necessarily mean we are informed. The information is out there. Don’t take my work for it Google ‘peak oil’ or ‘carrying capacity’ and you will see what I mean. We live in The Information Age- an instantaneous supply of news, information, and entertainment; unfortunately this is this often mistaken for wisdom. An important step in making wise choices is having good information and clear maps, this seminar aims to do both.”
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