Peak Oil News: Let's talk about oil, bay-be

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Let's talk about oil, bay-be


(An entertaining, irreverent, histrionic, and useful piece.)

SUMMARY: It has been brought to my attention that this post is very long, and most of you are too fucking lazy to read long posts.

Well, fuck you, you lazy sons of bitches. If you're not aware of peak oil (or if you think it's a bunch of horse shit), this post may be one of the most important posts you'll ever read. But nevertheless, I will sum up it's entirety right here. If you plan on reading this entire post, you may skip this summary. There's nothing new here.

Peak Oil is an issue that refers to the point at which world oil production peaks and declines. This decline causes oil to become increasingly expensive and scarce will be a time punctuated with war, famine, and lots of death.

Many countries' productions have already peaked and it is merely a matter of time before total world production does. It's not "if" but "when".

We are not going to discover any new oil wells that will hold the peak off for very long. Predictions for when the peak is coming range from 2006-2025. The majority are sooner than later.

Relying on the market to save us from this is not going to work. Waiting until the actual peak before we start to invest heavily in alternative fuels is not going to work either.

There are many alternatives, but only if we combine them will it do us any good. And any useful alternatives would take at least 15 years to come online. So, we must get to work on them 15-20 years BEFORE oil peaks. That means now. it is possible that we may be too late to avert a disaster. If oil peaks before 2010, our civilization may be fucked forever.

I say if you're prepared for the worst, you're prepared for anything. The absolute worst that could happen, as nature and history shows, is a 90% die off of the human population within one generation (ours).

So, here's how to prepare: research, research, educate, change your lifestyle to a less oil/economy dependent one, begin accepting death, chill.

Now, as a warning, I will not tolerate anybody commenting on this entry saying "well I heard we have so and so fuel alternatives" or "well the oil in the arctic/caspian sea will save us" unless you have

A) read my ENTIRE ARTICLE, and
B) have your sources of information ready to give me.

Happy reading! ;)


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