Peak Oil News: Bartlett Gets It; Bush Doesn't

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bartlett Gets It; Bush Doesn't

Keith Gottschalk

Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
Michael C. Ruppert
Book from New Society Publishers
Release date: 01 October, 2004

If all it takes is one US Congressman, then so be it. Kudos to Roscoe Bartlett for bringing the peak oil issue front and center to Congress. He has also taken an extraordinary step in modern day Washington - as a Republican he has voted against HR 6 - the Energy Bill.

Bartlett recognizes what President George W. Bush will not publicly acknowledge - that time is running out on the age of oil for the US and the world. And we should be doing far, far more about it than the current legislation, which is simply a giveaway to energy companies.

The lies that are being fed to the American people on energy issues are truly stunning. Again, as I have written earlier, the capitalist class in the US is either in very deep denial or is embarking on an evil strategy to keep the consumptive and lucrative oil culture of the US dancing as long as possible so they can make the most profits before the storm breaks.

The shields against lawsuits against those that have polluted groundwater stocks with MTBE are merely rubbing salt in the wound and completely in line with the rapaciousness of the business class in the US.

The bottom line is that there is NO WAY that the US can do much under the current mindset to alleviate the shocks that are coming on peak oil. We simply cannot drill our way out of it domestically and the best conservation efforts will only buy us months. We simply are not sitting on enough oil compared to our rising needs, to make much of a difference.

All the oil in ANWR buys the US 6 months of domestic consumption.

Bartlett is correct that a “Manhattan Project” crash course to immediately conscript the energies, intelligences and infrastructure of the nation to the development and deployment of alternatives to oil is absolutely necessary. In fact, it should have started 20 years ago.

And many in the Bush administration, including Dick Cheney, all of whom have been briefed by Colin Campbell, know this.

But they also know that such frank admissions will send Wall Street into panic putting the fortunes of those that back their administration at risk. There is no way they are going to do that, even if it means watching the whole system crash as they count their last dollars made.

How they plan on ruling and thriving after the crash is the main question that I have.

For Bartlett, his background and previous statements seem to bear out his honesty and diligence and sincerity in approaching this issue. He counts himself as an old-fashioned conservative and has a background in science.

He puts the looming crisis in stark, understandable terms readers of previous postings will recognize:

“Peak oil is not unique to America,” added Congressman Bartlett. “There is a consensus among energy experts that global peak oil will occur and is fast approaching. Forty percent of the world’s oil is shipped through the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf that is vulnerable to terrorist attacks. China increased its oil consumption 25 percent last year. China is investing in oil projects around the globe and building a blue water navy to secure oil shipping lanes.”

Bartlett’s oblique reference to Chinese geopolitical aims is chilling as is the reference to the Iranian controlled Straits of Hormuz.

Bartlett has taken on a mighty task and his recent vote may get him nailed by the same people that have their sights on Senator Voinovich.

But it seems that Bartlett’s first allegiance is to the truth and to the people of the United States, not to the Bush administration or the Republican Party. I can only wish him the best in his role of Cassandra.

The clock is ticking . . . faster.


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