Peak Oil News: Re: Message from Miss Kira

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Re: Message from Miss Kira

Hello dear,

I am Miss Kira. I am a 17 years old girl, I am writing you to let you know that I'm an Orphan, I am the only child of my parents.

I search your email address from the online e-mail Database Directory through the Internet search, I would like to communicate with you about my interest plan in relocating to your country for my safety. I am a Chinese, and I can speak English and Chinese. My father has died of a heart attack for the past few months and I sincerely need your help now because my life is in Danger.

I want to discuss and handle a very important business with you. I will write you more details of the business when I receive your reply.

Please reply immediately to my personal email address

I wait for your next reply.

Reply only to my private email address:

Thank you.



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