Peak Oil News: 07/01/2018 - 08/01/2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


My wife and I won the Euro Millions Lottery of £41 Million British
Pounds and we have decided to donate 1.5 million British Pounds each
to 4 individuals worldwide as part of our own charity project.
To verify,please see our interview by visiting the web page below:

Your email address was among the emails which were submitted to us by
the Google, Inc as a web user; if you have received our email please,
kindly send us the below details so that we can transfer your
1,500,000.00pounds in your name or direct our bank to effect the
transfer of the funds to your operational bank account in your
country, congratulations.

Full Name:
Mobile No:

Send your response to ( ) OR CALL +44-7721405040
otherwise you will not get further feedback from us.

Best Regards,
Gareth & Catherine Bull

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Dear Sir,
All inquiries made about you shows that you are honest, reliable trustworthy and

confidencial when it comes to money matters, that is why I am making this contact for

mutual benefits
All my efforts to reach you directly on your private telephone explain in details could not

work out due to our present security, political situations in Brasil.I deemed it wise to

contact you through this email for security reason because all our telephones are


I am Marisa the wife of Luiz Inбcio Lula da Silva the former president of Brasil who was

jailed for political reasons. You can get the news from the internet or from your local


Yesterday, I visited my husband in the prison. He instructed me to look for honest,

reputable, reliable and trustworthy person with international expirience and expert advice

with matured understanding to help us secure our remaining weailth in his or her company"s

bank account untill the political situations in Brazil becomes calm.
He instructed to move everything fast into a secured bank account so that we will not loose

all.He intructed me to understand that his political enemies and wicked men has vowed to

destroy our family political future.
All the allegations are false it is political humiliations and intimidations.

He instructed me to introduce his international wealth manager to you, so that you can

arrange with him on how everything will move without delay, because all our family

telephone calls are bieng monitored and we are carefull about that.

With the present political situations here in Brasil, things needs to be done fast.
They have confiscated all our family bank accounts in Brazil, if something fast is not done

they must surely come after our oversea bank account.

I will compesate you very well for standing by our side to help our family, it will be

dicussed, agreed on a perecentage and make a trust agreement before any transfer will be

made into your bank account.

All details cannot be given to you with out signing an MOU/NDA for security reasons.

Contact me so that I can give you the private number of my husband's international wealth

manager.He will give you full details.

Always remember to keep this information 100% secret, please understand.

I am waiting to revieve goodnews from you.

Best Regards

On behalf of Luiz Inбcio Lula da Silva Family

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Hello ,

It will interest you to know that I have a business proposal that will be of great benefit which would further create a financial opportunity for both of us.
Kindly contact me on should this be of interest to you.
Looking forward to hearing from you in a shortest possible time.

Best Regards,

Bob Wray.