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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Peak Oil and the End of Empire

By Charles Sullivan

Peak oil is most likely a term most readers have not heard before. That is about to change. The concept is slowly making its way onto the mainstream stage. It is intruding into the fringes of the public conscience and soon it may occupy the greater part. When that time comes, as it inevitably will, and probably sooner than you think, the world as we know it will end.

Oil is the lifeblood not only of the U.S. economy—especially its terrible military capability—it is in a very literal sense what drives the global economy. Even small declines in oil extraction (oil is not produced—it is extracted), have created major ripples in the global economy. Remember the gas shortages and rationing that occurred during the Carter Administration during the late 1970s?

All of the oil that exists is the product of complex ecological processes: the decomposition of prehistoric plants and animals over eons of time. There will never be any more oil than there is now. There will only be less; and eventually there will be none. Peak oil refers to the time when the rate of extraction from a specific location (or the whole world) is at a maximum. Beyond the peak of extraction follows a steady and continuous decline. In the U.S. peak oil was reached in the early seventies of the last century. Since that time extraction of all U.S. oil reserves has been steadily declining, while demand has gradually increased. As more of the world becomes industrialized and taps into the world’s oil pipeline, the more rapidly it is depleted. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. There will never be any more.

The world’s largest known oil reserves are in the Middle East--specifically, beneath the desert sands of Saudi Arabia. Other significant reserves exist in Africa, Venezuela, Asia, and Siberia and in lesser amounts scattered across the planet. According to the world’s most highly regarded geologists, physicists and investment bankers, those reserves are much smaller than originally thought. Much of what remains is of poor quality, difficult to extract and very expensive to refine. Globally, world peak oil may have occurred as early as the year 2000. By the year 2020 global population will have nearly doubled; and ever more underdeveloped countries will come online. It should be obvious to any sane person that worldwide demand for oil is severely outpacing supply. For every ten barrels of oil used, only four barrels are being extracted and refined to replace them.

Peak oil is a concept that is well understood by most governments. The end of cheap oil means the collapse not only of the U.S. economy but also the global economy. Alarm over peak oil is almost certainly the hidden reason that the U.S. invaded Iraq. It is the reason we are building fourteen permanent military bases in that country. The U.S. has no intentions of ever leaving Iraq as long as one drop of our precious oil lies beneath their sand. How our oil got beneath their sand must have some cryptogamous connection to the ideology of manifest destiny that has driven this nation to unthinkable crimes against nature and humanity. It is the basis for World War Three, which we may already have initiated with the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Widespread resource wars will be the very predictable result of the rush to extract the world’s last remaining and dwindling oil reserves.

Peak oil is almost certainly the underlying cause for the events of 9/11. The American people are not being told the truth. There is a high probability that Oil men in high places of the U.S. government orchestrated those events in order to get the American People behind the invasion of first Afghanistan, then Iraq; and probably Iran, Syria or North Korea will be next. Dick Cheney appears to be a likely suspect, perhaps with the aid of Poppy Bush and his CIA connections. They intend to get average American’s used to the idea of war that will not end in our lifetimes. The age of cheap oil is nearing an end and the financiers of war and empire are scared stiff. They will do anything to have access to the last dregs of oil that can be sucked out of the earth, no matter which nations sit atop them. The second largest reserves of oil happen to lie beneath Iraq. The U.S. connections to the House of Saud are too well documented to warrant discussion here.

Those who run America’s shadow government, a coalition of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people; including the Carlyle Group and the Bilderbergers, know that we are addicted to oil, especially cheap oil. The entire financial infrastructure of the U.S. Empire and its global holdings, including its satellite terrorist state, Israel, is on the verge of collapse. Those in power are secretly panic stricken. America’s unequalled military firepower is utterly dependent on the life blood of cheap oil to keep the machinery of run amok capitalism running. Given the atrocities that the U.S. is inflicting with impunity around the world, there will be hell to pay when that advantage is lost. Like an addict hooked on Cocaine, those in power will do anything to get one more fix, cost what it will. We are in for a rude awakening.

We must wake up to what kind of people we are dealing with. This government is not only more criminal and corrupt than we imagine—it is more criminal and illicit than we can imagine. Bush and company make the mafia look like boy scouts. Let me try to convey some idea of what I mean. The collection of thugs and criminals now running the country are the greatest and most dangerous organized crime syndicate in the world. And they possess the greatest arsenal of weapons, many of them nuclear, that the world has ever seen. They have an unparalleled propensity for violence. They are not who you think they are; and they are not doing what you think they are doing.

As world citizens we must come to our senses and cast off the intoxicating lies we have been told about America’s domestic and foreign policies. We have built a self delusional culture of mindless consumption of goods and services based upon the exploitation of working class people and raw materials by the ruling elite. It is in their interest, not ours’, that the myths of America as a democracy, as world emancipator of the oppressed were created. They are mere folklore and powerful delusions that are based upon lies and deceit in order to serve the purposes of empire; to keep the poor in servitude to the rich and powerful. They were created so that we can bear to live with ourselves. We are the slaves of modern capitalism in all its horrible incarnations. Like Frankenstein, we helped to create this monster and unleashed it upon the world. We therefore bear the responsibility for bringing it under control and making it accountable to the world.

It has been said that the truth will set us free. If so, and I believe it will, it would behoove us to come to an honest reckoning with the history we have chosen as a nation to create. Any truth is better than make believe.

Charles Sullivan is a furniture maker, photographer, and free lance writer residing in the eastern panhandle of West Virgina. He welcomes your comments at


At 6:25 AM, January 04, 2006, Anonymous rkelly said...

I went to the oped web site to check it out and I must say, how refreshing to see Mr. Charles Sullivan in the awakened state of cosmic consciousness.

Yes, we are in the Matrix for real and we're definitely coming out of a deep state of unplugged.

I'm copying here the email I sent to him at his email address noted on oped:

"Resource Wars" vs. "Ecovillages"

Brilliant piece on Peak Oil.

I've been on a parade as much as possible for one year now, on the net, sending people the links to Colin Campbell, et al ~ The global news connection that I feel is best is ~ He gets to the tap root of Preston Bush and how the family began their empire in weapons and then, of course GHW Bush and oil, and now we're finally beginning to see the "global government business" be exposed. Unfortunately, it’s about 60 years late and open exposure isn’t nearly enough, five years of a hostile takeover by the Bush Crime Family, et al.

I've been sending out as many postcards as possible to the Senators, in particular those who voted for the war and I put Einstein's quote about war on the back. Our postcards can be seen at ~ "Bones of War".

Unless we stop these madmen, right now, from committing mass murder globally ~ WWIII ~ we know the ending of this story. These people are putting it together as to the future of our species, Homo-sapiens. Again, this is a variable depending upon these insane lunatics thinking they can "full spectrum global domination". That's what they call their greed to own all the Earth's natural resources.

China, Russia, India, Chavez, Soros, and others are not allowing it to happen, so far.

We need to let every political body and politician know that we know. The more these supposed public servants know that many of us do know, the better because sooner or later one of them will grow the conscience that it's going to take to get out of a deep state of hypnotic denial.

I’ve also been writing letters to Murtha, Trent Lott (he is devastated by Katrina so I told him all about Peak Oil), Kerry, Edwards, and more. Any I can think of to write and I do so daily.

Our interest rates to pay off our homes need to be sane because basically the Chinese own our mortgage debt. We must demand the credit card companies settle for 50% or less to zero and get ourselves out of debt to credit card companies that are now owned by international banks who are ripping us off while knowing the collapse is imminent.

The,al. didn't count on the internet. It's been our wild card, I call it our avenging angel. They've now lost the media ~ not 100% yet, but it soon will be and the pandemonium will be real.

I see these people trying to keep as many folks brainwashed as long as possible. They'll use the trick of making people think it's a big oil profit thing and then we'll see cheap oil for awhile. We're going to experience a very up and down roller coaster in our economy.

The more people who write letters, for example to Ben Bernanke the new Federal Reserve Chair, and Matt Simmons who was the Energy Expert for Bush in 2000, and the now energy experts, about demanding -- NOT asking nicely -- DEMANDING accountability in proof that we're not engaged in resource wars over peak oil, the obvious, power to the people. is one of my favorites.

Thank you so much for your genius and your courage in sharing it with us.

Find our people of like mind and begin learning about being an agricultural society.

Interesting, we get to become that which we tried to dominate and make into a modern sickness just like US, and our drug addiction of consumerism is going to be very, very difficult to kick.


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