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Friday, November 11, 2005

Controversial Posts

There have been several complaints about some of the posts on this blog. In particular, Mr. Corsi’s articles generate outright contempt. In general, anything about abiotic oil is viewed with much skepticism.

Controversial writers and topics are useful and necessary to a full discussion of the peak oil topic. There are many readers who subscribe to these controversial views. When these items are posted here some of their supporters will find them alongside other more substantiated and reasoned articles. Hopefully they will read the other articles and then question their convictions. If you don’t like these topics consider that your familiarity with them will be helpful in discussions with others who do subscribe to them.

An invitation: This blog is hosted as a simple means of collecting and presenting articles about peak oil and related issues. Your comments are always welcome. Also, you may send me your links and original writings that will usually be posted if they are relevant to the topic. Email to:


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