Peak Oil News: Unlimited Energy - A Book Review

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Unlimited Energy - A Book Review


Peak Oil is where the World appears to be running out of Oil far sooner than it is. The book Unlimited Energyset in 2022 Singapore, contains two key ways of delaying the financial crisis that can be brought about by 'PEAK OIL.' But it needs a 'HERO' to start things going.' The Author reveals his stratergy

Firstly, Peak Oil has been brought about by our becoming addicted to the ‘Energy Machine,’ namely consumerism, 24/7 working and a politically driven perception that continued growth without predicting the consequence is good.

Whilst we won’t run out of oil soon, we will be subjected to price and supply shocks regularly from now on. This is because demand is now starting to outweigh the ability to pump and refine...The basic meaning of 'Peak Oil'.

The stability of the world's oil supply depends on a few; some would say only five, major fields.

Oil is now being pumped almost to its maximum and in some cases is being over pumped by pushing more water back down the wells than is good for them. Refineries are now approaching their maximum capacity.

This capacity was, presumably, accurately calculated quite some time ago by the oil companies based on the peak oil predictions of the time. It is unlikely that more capacity will be required, because Oil production won’t be there to make it necessary (Type "Hubbert’s Curve" in Google).

The consequence: Oil prices are pushed up so that the value of asset bases and profits of the oil companies’ increase. This means they can now afford to explore and produce Oil from sites that were previously not profitable.

The current investment program to find more Oil by the Oil-men will not suffice in anything but the short term and produces, price and supply shocks that create uncertainty, inflation and instability.

The day that we produce one barrel less than we need, will see the start of hyper-inflation as the cost of Oil as a raw material for Cement, Fertilizers, and medicines etc goes up and up.

The first part of the solution is to rapidly increase investment in Alternative Energy supplies. Under-investment has occurred for many reasons.

Now that energy prices are going ever upward most of these reasons are invalid. It is absolutely essential that we keep the price of Oil down by reducing our need for it. Plus we need to conserve Oil to make essential goods, many of which can then be recycled.

Translation of scientific data from expert sources into a reader enjoyable and understandable form to promote alternative energy.

The near-future Sci Fi book for women and men, ‘Unlimited Energy’ contains two main themes that can be researched;

Solar Towers that can be used to produce large amounts of energy which could, green deserts, clear pollution from towns and supply much of the developing World’s needs.

Solar energy converted to electricity by new plastic solar-panels. This is then used to refine Aluminum from its oxide, Aluminum, volume for volume, when burnt in oxygen, produces more heat, than oil, produces no pollution and can be transported safely anywhere. It can be then recycled back to Aluminum, again and again.

The Challenge to Sir Richard Branson from T Ray Deal:

The World needs an Honest and Clear Sighted Business Leader to take up the challenge of finding the ‘Pure Path’ to alternative energy production. Please seriously consider helping the World stave of disaster by showing us the way.

Even you, will be amazed at the support you will get. You have already been sent one idea by the writer that will help you finance the 'Quest.'

Unlimited Energy is available from many on-line bookstores, but please remember your local, walk-in store.


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