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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Graphics Helping People Wake Up To Peak Oil


With increasing fuel prices more people are becoming aware of peak oil, and are wanting to help others become aware too. This can be a difficult task but an internet shop called 'Peak Oil Aware' is helping make it a bit easier with t-shirts, stickers, lapel buttons and other items which have "strong, clear designs to encourage people to wake up to peak oil and prepare for an unrelenting energy crisis".

Elisabeth Frankish, from Karamea, New Zealand, designs the graphics from her home and says the t-shirts are selling in countries all over the world. The five main designs can also be downloaded at no cost for non-commercial use for newsletters, fliers and websites, and for media use.

With the help of visitors to her internet shop, Mrs Frankish has translated the designs into Dutch, Finnish and Italian, and says they will soon be available in Chinese, German and Spanish.

"It's great to see that the designs are making an impact. There's such an urgent need for people all over the world to wake up to peak oil, consider the implications and begin taking actions such as learning skills like growing vegetables. The implications of peak oil will reach into every sphere of life, from farming to transport operation to school curriculum design. We have to start now."

The shop website is at and free graphics can be downloaded from .


At 10:31 PM, August 22, 2008, Anonymous Elisabeth Frankish said...


It's Liz Frankish here- just found your blog and link to my websites- thanks for the links. The geocities one is now gone but a new one is at It has free downloadable graphics.

Thank you

Elisabeth Frankish


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