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Friday, August 19, 2005

Free 'Peak Oil' presentation made available online


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PowerSwitch, a group campaigning to raise awareness of the imminence of the terminal decline of the rate of global oil production, have made available for free an online presentation by Dr. Colin Campbell about the phenomenon known as ‘Peak Oil’.

By combining slides with the audio file from Campbell’s speech at the Peak Oil UK conference in Edinburgh in April 2005, PowerSwitch have created a Flashmedia file that presents very clearly the causes and consequences of ‘Peak Oill’. It starts by looking at exactly how oil is formed then looks at the reality of oil discovery and oil depletion in action before moving on to the devastating consequences. It is an all-encompassing talk.

The presentation lasts 45 minutes. James Howard of PowerSwitch said, “ I remember seeing the presentation in Edinburgh and it was excellent. I had to make it available to more people so they can learn more themselves and then help educate other people about the stark nature of what we are facing.” PowerSwitch has been working since Autumn 2004 to raise awareness of ‘Peak Oil’. They have established a nationwide network of people prepared to speak about the issue and have made posters and DVDs such as ‘PEAK OIL – imposed by nature’ available too.

“ With rising oil prices becoming such a hot issue, people are looking to understand what is causing the increase. Many explanations are offered such as refinery limits, terrorism and increasing demand, but underlying them all is that we really are reaching the limit on how much oil we can globally supply in one day,” added James Howard, “ and after that point it goes into decline. Economic growth is linked with increasing energy usage so it is quite simple to understand what a terminal decline in the availability of oil will mean. What is not so clear is what we should do about it. I hope this presentation will make people think about it.”

To view the presentation in full go to and for further information on ‘Peak Oil’ visit


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