Peak Oil News: Finite fuels threaten life as we know it

Monday, November 29, 2004

Finite fuels threaten life as we know it

ABC News Online

If predictions are correct, no future generation will forget 2005 - the year the world began eating into the second half of its oil reserves.

Or, as Professor David Goodstein of the California Institute of Technology argues, the beginning of the end of the civilisation as we know it.

In his latest book, Out of Gas - The End of the Age of Oil, Professor Goodstein argues that all fossil fuels are finite, and so are our current lifestyles.

"Everybody has come to imagine that the flow of oil is like the rivers that flow from the mountains to the sea," Colin Campbell, of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, said.

"It's just perceived to be a natural part of the world we live in."

But according to the Hubbard's peak theory, discoveries of fossil fuel reserves have already peaked.


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