Peak Oil News: Global Scale Politics

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Global Scale Politics

Global Scale Politics

“If you knew about Hubbert's Peak a decade ago - as oilmen Bush and Cheney surely did - perhaps you would regard occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq as an ugly but necessary price to pay in order to secure sufficient time for the U.S. economy to convert?

”Invading Iraq, writes Heinberg, ‘was more understandable - if no less morally and tactically questionable - when viewed in light of a single piece of information to which the administration was privy, but which was obscure to the vast majority of the world's population. That crucial fact was that the rate of global production was about to peak.’"

This years awakening to the reality of peak oil must force a reappraisal of US actions in Iraq. Of course, there was a bundle of reasons for war ranging from somewhat legitimate fear of open enemies of the US such as Saddam's Iraq; through domestic political, Bush Admin personal and ideological reasons; post 911 hysteria / shock and awe deterrence; military-industrial complex and oil business opportunities; non-oil geopolitical reasons (Israel); and certainly most importantly, a range of control of oil geopolitical reasons.

Factoring in the peak oil specter, especially into re-evaluating the evidence of Bush Admin (PNAC /neo con) premeditation, and a scary new vista of 21st century resource wars emerges.


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