Peak Oil News: Bush has no doubts about Peak Oil

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bush has no doubts about Peak Oil

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Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist, Ron Suskind reports for the New York Times Magazine that George W. Bush knows about oil peak. In fact, he's got a plan that extends beyond making Iraq the 51st state. In a confidential luncheon a block away from the White House with large campaign contributors, Bush gave a brief outline of a supply-side plan that is certain to irk environmentalists and anti-nuclear activists (which by the way are no longer always the same group), as well as anyone concerned about the efficacy and risks of carbon sequestration and the urgent need to put serious effort into reducing demand.

Bush's statements force us to question when did he and his advisors first know about peak oil? Was it before 9-11 during Cheney's energy task force deliberations? No, says Matt Simmons (chairman of Simmons & Company and member of the Bush-Cheney Energy Task Force transition team) in an interview with Kellia Ramares on KPFA Evening News in which he ardently states that there is no cover up to hide oil peak from the American public and that only a handful of people in the Bush Administration know about peak oil. Simmons believes that a number of well-known petroleum economists have been successful in convincing government that peak oil is a non-issue.


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