Peak Oil News: peak oil - running on empty

Saturday, September 11, 2004

peak oil - running on empty

i have a car driving friend that would never refuel until the reserve light had been on for a while and the fuel gauge needle was resting at the bottom. she told me that she couldn’t stand filling up and also enjoyed the thrill of wondering whether she would make it to the gas station without the car coming to a spluttering halt. “don’t worry” she’d tell me “it hasn’t happened yet, i think i have an automotive guardian angel”. this was until we were on a service station free stretch of the m25 when the unthinkable happened and i was volunteered to get fuel in the empty emergency canister. empty since the last time she’d run out and had emptied its contents.

you see she’d fibbed. she had run out before but this time she hadn’t taken the precaution of a backup plan which, by default, was now me. the moral of the story, don’t take lift’s from drivers with fuel denial otherwise you’ll eventually end up walking.


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