Peak Oil News: Speed up energy efficiency

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Speed up energy efficiency

Detroit Free Press

Politicians are jabbering about inconsequential short-term energy "solutions" -- such as withdrawing oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve -- in order to put downward pressure on pump prices.

But what we really must do -- and do with great gusto -- is launch a sustained crusade to drastically improve energy efficiency, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate development of environmentally friendly alternative energy technologies.

Individual Americans can help the cause by buying more energy-efficient cars, homes and appliances.

Americans shouldn't assume that we'll always have an endless supply of oil, natural gas and coal -- or that a perpetual increase in global consumption of these finite fossil fuels won't have costly environmental consequences.

That means we have to start thinking much differently about energy. We can't continue to be fossilized fools when it comes to fossil fuels. 


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