Peak Oil News: 'Fill 'er up' becomes the unlikely battle cry of Car Wars

Monday, June 21, 2004

'Fill 'er up' becomes the unlikely battle cry of Car Wars

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Now, you might assume governments will begin to act in the interests of consumers when oil supply fluctuations start to bite. After all, inflation's no good for anyone, is it? Perhaps. But there is also the possibility we're living through the early phases of something much bigger than just another temporary "crisis" and which history will record as a turning point.
And that's how we deal with the coming and predictable scarcity of fossil fuels.

You may have already heard of a thing called "Hubbert's peak". Hubbert was the geologist who (along with later analysts who revised his figures) more or less accurately predicted when global oil production would hit its maximum output – around 2006-2010. Once over this peak, with demand steadily outstripping supply, prices will inevitably climb. For a world obsessed with growth and globalisation, the potential consequences are dire – and a little harder to fix than by car pooling in the Auckland rush hour.


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