Peak Oil News: Empty highways

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Empty highways

Augusta Free Press

The cost of fuel will inevitably rise as the demand increases worldwide and supplies gradually diminish. No mystery here. The world will not suddenly run out of fuel in a matter of weeks or days like someone who forgets to stop at a gas station. There is enough to last for years to come, at least until I'm so old and cranky they take my driver's license. The cause will be an "oil shock," a sudden, catastrophic failure of the market system that delivers the fuel to the end-users. The reason the market will fail will be a direct result of the U.S. policy in the Middle East that now passes under the name of a "war on terrorism."

The invasion of Iraq was a pre-emptive strike against peak oil, not weapons of mass destruction, not terrorism. The U.S., to put it simply, is behaving like a gangster, and it is laying claim to a common resource in a way that is frightening to every other oil-consuming nation, each of whom is anxious to supply their own addiction. The game that is being played is called "survival of the fittest." The arrogance of George 43, surprising even to his father, who is not a notably modest man, has had the disastrous effect of making the U.S. a target, not merely for terrorists, but for every other nation that dislikes the lying and the flaunting of international law and order that this cowboy president has engaged in.


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