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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Project for the New American Century - Energetic America
This article correlates cheap energy and prosperity. (The undiscussed corollary relationship: expensive energy and recession/depression.) It presents a case for increased nuclear energy and for the building up US oil and gas infrastructure. It interestingly omits discussion of the possibility of decreasing oil production and the subsequent effects. Does this article have a political agenda?

Quote: "Let us call this political platform cheap gas, cheap oil, cheap electricity. The policy would have three basic facets: (1) Government intervention to double the share of nuclear power in electricity generation, thereby reducing pressure on supplies and prices of fossil fuels (and incidentally emissions of hydrocarbons). (2) A concerted national trade and security policy to prevent monopolistic collusion by foreign energy producers, especially in crude oil--and thus to restore more U.S. energy independence. Since collusion is not tolerated in any domestic industry, why must we tolerate collusion abroad against a vital U.S. interest, especially by oil-producing countries whose political existence depends to a large extent on U.S. military power? (3) As part of the same effort to increase U.S. production, a vast expansion of legal permissions for drilling for crude oil and natural gas on public and private lands should be enacted. Energy processing and transmission industries, such as refineries, pipelines, and distributing networks, must gain rights of way, increased freedom of pricing, and thus the access to capital needed for growth. The characteristics of an inspired regulatory regime for U.S. energy would thus be diversity, reliability, and redundancy."

Item number 2 almost sounds like a rationale for invading Iraq.

From the closing paragraph: "The national defense policy of President Bush is inspired and forward looking."


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